Self-Assessment Guide

This Self-Assessment Guide section covers: Flood Controls in Municipal Planning Schemes and Flood Mapping not shown in Planning Schemes.

Flood Controls in Municipal Planning Schemes

The Goulburn Broken CMA is the floodplain management authority and the referral authority for planning permit applications relating to land-use, buildings or works in identified flood prone areas shown in municipal planning schemes as either Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO), Floodway Overlay (FO) or Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ).

You may determine whether you are in an identified flood prone area by visiting Planning Schemes Online, which contain maps of zones and overlays, and planning controls.

The level of management of proposed permit applications for new buildings and works within flood prone areas are dealt with by considering each of the following steps:

  1. Planning permit exemptions
  2. Local Floodplain Development Plans (LFDP)
  3. Other planning considerations

1. Planning permit exemptions and agreements.

Exemptions are provided in Schedules to the LSIO or FO. These can be found by visiting Planning Schemes Online and selecting from Overlays Menu either:

  • Schedule to the Floodway Overlay (FO) or
  • Schedule to the Land Subject to Inundation overlay (LSIO)

Benalla Rural City Council and the Goulburn Broken CMA has an Agreement that sets out planning permit exemptions.

2a. Local Floodplain Development Plans (LFDPs).

LFDPs set out performance-based criteria for common planning permit applications for proposed buildings and works.

The Goulburn Broken CMA has worked with councils and other government agencies to prepare a number of LFDPs.  Where applicable, a planning permit application must be consistent with a LFDP that has been incorporated into a planning scheme.  The table below provide links to the current incorporated LFDPs.

Planning Scheme

Local Floodplain Development Plan

Precinct Name

Date of Incorporated LFDP into Planning Scheme


Bendigo (Picaninny & Mount Hope) Creek

Campaspe River Lower

Campaspe River Upper

Corop Lakes


Lower Goulburn

Murray River

2 June 2012 as Amendment C85


Mansfield Local Floodplain Development Plan

 11 February 2016 as Amendment C15


Goulburn River

25 January 2006 as Amendment C27


Goulburn River

24 September 2009 as C22

Greater Shepparton

Broken Creek

Broken River

Goulburn River

Honeysuckle and Seven Creeks

Lower Goulburn River

Mosquito Depression

5 June 2008 as C32


Castle and Seven Creeks

Goulburn River

27 April 2006 as C14


2b. Interim Local Floodplain Development Plan used for Goulburn Broken CMA assessment for Extraction Industry within the Goulburn Valley

This interim Local Floodplain Development Plan provides guidance for applicants on matters to be taken into account when proposing new or expansion of existing quarries within the Goulburn Valley.  This Plan applies within the municipal areas of Murrindindi, Mitchell and Strathbogie Shires (from Eildon to Hughes Creek).

3. Other planning considerations include the Planning Policy Framework (such as Clause 13.02-1S), and the relevant zone or overlay provisions at Clause 37.03 (UFZ), Clause 44.03 (FO) or Clause 44.04 (LSIO). Further, as the floodplain management authority, the Goulburn Broken CMA has adopted the following guideline documents:

Further reading can be found on Flood Victoria’s website.

Flood mapping not shown in Planning Schemes

You are encouraged to check other flood maps contained in the Victoria Flood Database by selecting the relevant tick box on the Victorian Water Resources interactive mapThis is particularly relevant for Mansfield Shire and the Rural Benalla City Council.

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