Catchment Strategies

The Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy provides the integrated planning framework or 'blueprint' for management of land, water and biodiversity resources.


Revegetation Guide

This guide has been developed to provide advice and assist landholders with revegetation activities. 


Flood Victoria

GBCMA has developed the  Flood Victoria website to provide links to information about flood relief and advice in Victoria.


Traditional Owners

The Goulburn Broken CMA acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land and their participation in natural resource management  


Current Issues

Goulburn Broken RCS renewal

The Goulburn Broken CMA is leading renewal of the Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy.
Goulburn River

Goulburn River flows

Check out the type and volume of flow in the lower Goulburn River each week.
Worker doing fencing

Working for Victoria

We have a variety of positions available through the Working for Victoria initiative.

More Issues

News & Updates

Bank vegetation on the Goulburn

Autumn drink to boost Goulburn River’s bank vegetation

Tuesday 30 March 2021
Recovering riverbank vegetation will receive a welcome drink with a delivery of water for the environment planned for the lower Goulburn River during late autumn.
Lake Benalla

Lake Benalla update

Friday 26 March 2021
Lake Benalla is slowly refilling as increased flows from Hollands Creek start making their way downstream after recent rain.
A tree guard

Playing the long game for landscape health

Friday 12 March 2021
A grey box seedling planted to replace two dead trees in a paddock 18 months ago is thriving nicely, safely protected from cattle grazing by a purpose-built mesh guard.
ibis nesting in barmah

Beaut year for bird nesting in Barmah

Thursday 11 March 2021
Barmah National Park has experienced its biggest water bird nesting event in four years.

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