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Hear about paddock trees

Paddock tree talk

Join South West Goulburn Landcare and Ron Litjens for an informative discussion about “paddock trees as prime real estate”.
Hear about managing erosion

DIY erosion techniques

Ag Vic’s Brad Costin will discuss erosion management principles. A paddock walk is also part of the event.
NAtive grass

Native pasture ID

As part of the Goulburn Broken CMA's Grey Box Grassy Woodland Project, Gecko Clan invites you to join Dr Meredith Mitchelle, Senior Research Scientist, Agriculture Victoria, for a day of native grass identification and management of native pasture grazing systems.
Dr Olivia Reynolds

Integrated Pest Management PaddockWalk & Talk with Dr Olivia Reynolds

Goulburn Broken CMA and VicNoTilll, through funding from theAustralian Government's National Landcare Program, have a trial pollinator plot at David Cook's Pine Lodge farm.
Acid soils

Acid soils, moisture probes and more

Catch up on the Strathbogie SoilCare and Strathbogie Tableland Landcare groups' soil trials and learn about collecting and using data from soil samples and moisture probes.
Trees provide shelter

Farming with Benefits

Interested in the science of how native vegetation contributes to a healthy resilient farming system?
Hillslope erosion

Farm walk - hillslope erosion

Kerri Goschnick from Agriculture Victoria will join us for a discussion about: techniques for managing gullies; options to manage steep hills; and where to go for more information.
Hear about regen with Colin Seis

Regenerative grazing explained

Spend a day with Colin Seis discussing regenerative grazing, cover crops and building soil health.

Farm walk - planned grazing

Join us for a Q&A paddock walk with Donna and James Winter-Irving and gain insights into how they are improving the health and diversity of their soil, plants and animals as well as their own wellbeing and profitability.
Steep hjills

Farm walk - steep hills and erosion

Join us for a farm walk at Henderside, Limestone, to discuss challenges, management options and experiences for hillslope erosion and gullies.

Erosion gullies and hills

Join us for a farm walk in Limestone to discuss management options, experiences and challenges in regards to erosion gullies in farm land.
using nature to manage pests

Attracting beneficial insects and predator birds to your farm

Hear how Cornella farmer Carl Brown is trying to use nature to reduce pest insects.
Mt camle range

Erosion control in the Mt Camel Range

Hear how Mt Camel Range farmer Colin Neate is planting native vegetation to reduce the hillside erosion on land adjacent to his vineyard.
find out about soil carbon

Baselining soil organic carbon and pH in North East Victoria

This Riverine Plains Inc. research project, funded through Goulburn Broken CMA’s “From the Ground Up” project, started in 2019. This online workshop will present the research from this project and aims to increase your understanding of the interaction of soil organic carbon and pH.
Walter Jehne

Soil carbon with Walter Jehne

Interested in increasing the water holding capacity of your soil?
Paddock and trees

How can biodiversity benefit agriculture?

Jim Radford from LaTrobe University will present case studies and examples of research from Australia that show the benefits of biodiversity to agriculture.

Improving soil carbon

Join us for an online webinar focusing on strategies to build soil carbon, local research looking at soil manuring and improving soils through increasing organic carbon and irrigation systems.

Pest control webinar

Richard Francis , Abzeco, will share his knowledge on rabbit and fox control methods including baiting, trapping, biological control, fumigation, shooting, warren destruction and exclusion fencing.
Understanding your soil test booklet

Soils and soil test webinar series

This series of three webinars with Cath Botta will cover soil health and soil testing basics through to the key components of your soil tests. Whether you are just starting out or have been taking soil tests for a while , one or all of these webinars will have something for you.
Hover flies as pollinators

Demystifying integrated pest and disease management

Elizabeth Mace from GV Crop Protection will share her knowledge about integrated pest and disease management. The focus of the talk will be on flying insects that can help you on the farm.

Soil carbon - what is it all about?

Hear from Dr Cassandra Schefe from AgriSci who will talk about the basics of soil carbon on your farm and what this may mean for your business and LaTrobe University's Jim Radford and Jen Wood who will talk about a project they have been working on using compost to increase soil carbon in a dryland grazing system.

Resilience webinar series - free

Five free 45-minute webinars on resilience thinking will be held during May and June.

A bug's life after fire

Blogger, photographer and environmentalist Ron Litjens’ Flowerdale property was burnt during the 2009 fires.

Outstanding in the paddock: celebrating paddock trees

A forum not to be missed: showcasing the science and value of paddock trees; celebrating the Year of the Paddock Tree (#YPT; presentation of #YPT photography competition award winners; and celebrating Biodiversity Month

Country Cuppas

The Goulburn Broken CMA is proud to support the Victorian Rural Women’s Network Country Cuppas initiative as part of International Day of Rural Women.
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