Goulburn Broken RCS Renewal

Led by the Goulburn Broken CMA

Regional Catchment Strategy

Thank you for your interest in the draft Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy 2021-27 (Goulburn Broken RCS). The strategy identifies the big-picture changes required to build the resilience of the Catchment’s land, water, biodiversity and people now and into the future.

Resilient landscapes, thriving communities.

The Goulburn Broken RCS Pledge recognises that to bring about many of these changes, everyone who lives, works or visits the catchment, and is interested in its natural resources, has a part to play if we are to achieve the strategy’s vision: resilient landscapes, thriving communities

In return for your pledge of support for the strategy’s principles and directions, we will provide you with annual updates on its implementation and provide opportunities to get involved in advocacy activities, reviews and future consultations.

Pledges of Support

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Pledge Your Support for the RCS


We really appreciate you showing your support by making the pledge - thanks for getting on board!

Or find out more about the project before getting involved.


Supporting Organisations

  • BirdLife Murray Goulburn
  • Campaspe Shire Council
  • Friends of the Seven Creeks
  • Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority
  • Goulburn Murray Water
  • Greater Shepparton City Council
  • Greater Shepparton Lighthouse
  • Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management
  • Trust for Nature
  • VRFish
  • Watertrust Australia Ltd