Urban Waterway Works

Expressions of interest are sought annually from community groups and land managers of public space along urban waterways to attain support for CMA delivered works that will compliment or facilitate co-invested improvements (in-kind and financial).

This project will provide opportunity for communities to drive projects, leverage co-contribution and engage more people in the riparian environment. Within the three years of allocated State Government funding, the Urban Waterways Works project aims to support two or more proposals annually, to establish improved relationships and understanding of waterway management and achieve riparian outcomes in a town environment.

This project invites groups and agencies through an annual expression of interest process, to nominate projects where the GB CMA can partner to improve riparian environments through delivery of on-ground works, like exotic weed? control and access. The funds available for CMA contributed specialised works varies annually, averaging around $30,000.

Proposals received will be prioritised with consideration to the environmental outcomes to be achieved for the stream, the cost share, community support and longevity of the project works.

The following questions are to be considered in project proposals:

  1. What will be the outcome of this project when delivered? Detail the activities and describe the changes anticipated.
  2. Who and how many people/groups are involved in delivery of this project?
  3. What are others contributing? In-kind and/or financially, with suggested delivery timeframes.
  4. What long-term maintenance measures are in place? Who and how is this resourced?
  5. How many and who are the beneficiaries? Estimate number of people and groups affected and how they will be engaged.

More information and time frames for the current round of funding is available below: 

All enquires can be directed to Christine Glassford on 0419 567 461 or christineg@gbcma.vic.gov.au

Please aim to detail proposals within 1,000 words (2 pages). EOI are to be sent to reception@gbcma.vic.gov.au

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