Flood Recovery

The Goulburn Broken catchment has been significantly impacted by the October 2022 flood event. Please read this page for recovery information.

Waterways Recovery

See this flyer for further details regarding natural disaster recovery for waterways in Victoria: Information For Landholders And Community

Over the next few months, the Goulburn Broken CMA will undertake an assessment of flood affected waterways.

State Government funding will be sought for flood recovery works where deemed necessary to protect waterways and public assets. 

Works could include:

  • Waterways or riparian fence repair
  • Significant debris blockage management
  • Erosion and sediment management
  • Revegetation and weed control

While most flood recovery works are likely to start in 2023, works of an urgent nature (e.g. debris management) could be undertaken earlier.

To discuss the need for works to protect waterways and public assets call the GB CMA on (03) 5822 7700 or email: reception@gbcma.vic.gov.au

Please note: Catchment Management Authorities do not have a role in assessing or remediating impacts to private land (including frontages) or private assets. 

Individuals who wish to undertake works to address non-emergency flood-related damage to private property or assets (e.g. debris removal or access crossings related work) need to apply for, and be issued with, a Works on Waterways Permit.

Click here for information Works on Waterways Permits - GB CMA - Goulburn Broken CMA.

For Works on Waterways permit applications that are directly related to flood damage that occurred during the October 2022 flood, the normal application fee is being waived.

Please be aware the Goulburn Broken CMA is responding to a large number of applications at this time and will endeavour to address applications as soon as possible.

If you require further information related to a Works on Waterways Permit, please telephone Goulburn broken CMA on (03) 5822 7700 or email planning@gbcma.vic.gov.au