Useful Irrigation Links

The following links will take you to pages that contain information to assist irrigators and the general public to gain a better understanding of how irrigation water is managed in Northern Victoria.
Goulburn-Murray Water
  • Water Resources - Information on water trading, water storages, water quality, diversions. Click here
Resource Manager Northern Victoria
  • Seasonal determinations, outlooks, risk of spill and additional resources and data for all northern Victorian regulated systems. Click here.
The Victorian Water Register
  • Water Entitlements - Information on water entitlements including statistics, copies of entitlement records and information about carryover. Click here.
  • Market Insights - Market insights provide analysis of water entitlement and market data. Click here.
Murray Dairy
  • Water Toolkit - A toolkit to help farmers improve their understanding of factors influencing their access to water and assist in developing practical water purchasing strategies. Click here.
Agvic Webinar Series
  • Irrigation water market information series - covering topics such as: a general overview, carry over, ACCC report, delivery risk etc. Click here.
Bureau of Meteorology
  • Water Information - Water data, water status and water forecasts for all of Australia. Click here.
  • Murray Darling Basin information portal - Storages, allocations and trading information for Basin catchments. Click here
Murray Darling Basin Authority

Click here for general information.