Current Projects

Linking Landscapes

The Linking Landscapes and Communities project is working with landowners, community groups, Traditional Owners and scientists to improve the condition of threatened Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grasslands vegetation communities.

Taking Care of Country

The Taking Care of Country's long-term outcome is improved catchment stewardship by landowners and land managers on private and public land. This is in order to increase native vegetation extent quality and connectivity to ensure improved habitat for wildlife in the Goulburn Broken CMA Upland Slopes Social Ecological Systems.

Ribbons of Blue, Sashes of Green

The Ribbons of Blue, Sashes of Green ​Project focuses on the box woodlands ​and ironbark forests found across the ​central area of the Goulburn Broken ​Catchment.

Macquarie Perch

Work is being undertaken to improve stream health and fish habitat for the nationally endangered Macquarie perch.

Strathbogie Flagship Streams

The Goulburn Broken CMA is working closely with the community to deliver direct on ground riparian improvement works targeting streams flowing from the Strathbogie Ranges.

Riparian On-Ground Works 2021-2024

This project will enable the GB CMA to sustain momentum, encouraging remaining and new landholders to take up waterway grant support, as well as nurture existing landholder relationships by building on past investment and increasing site connectivity. This project aims to increase the percentage protected of priority streams in the GB catchment, to ultimately improve the environmental condition of these highly valued waterways.

Urban Waterway Works

Expressions of interest are sought annually from community groups and land managers of public space along urban waterways to attain support for CMA delivered works that will compliment or facilitate co-invested improvements (in-kind and financial).