Floodplain planning

Through our floodplain planning and management program we aim to build flood-resilient communities by capturing and sharing flood knowledge to ensure future developments are not unduly exposed to flood hazard.

This work is guided by the Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy.

We also protect waterways through works on waterway permits. 

Floodplain Management

Find out how to get flood level information for your property, understand how planning scheme overlays work and keep up to date with planning amendments.

Works on Waterways

The Goulburn Broken CMA has the functions under the Water Act 1989 to assess works on waterway applications, and where appropriate, issue permits to construct works or undertake activities on a waterway.

Goulburn Broken Community Flood Intelligence Portal

The Goulburn Broken Community Flood Intelligence Portal allows you to view flood maps, search properties and create a property flood report.

Levee Maintenance Permit (Crown Land)

The levee maintenance permit scheme is set out in the Water Act 1989 and permits are issued by Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) as delegates of the Minister.

Quarries on the Goulburn Floodplain

The Goulburn Broken CMA in association with the Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has investigated the risks posed by large scale quarrying (sand and gravel extraction) on the floodplain in the event of a large flood along the mid-Goulburn River, primarily the reach from Yea to the Hume Freeway (north of Seymour).

Goulburn Broken CMA Referral Register

Under the  Planning and Environment Act 1987 and Planning and  Environment Regulations 215, the Goulburn Broken CMA maintains a referral register.  This relates to section 55 referrals from responsible authorities (usually local government authorities) whereby the Goulburn Broken CMA provides advice as a recommending authority. You may access this register on the link below.