Seven Creeks

Landholders and the community are invited to become involved in this project with the aim of improving the condition of the creek and therefore the habitat of the nationally endangered trout cod and Macquarie perch and other native fish species.

Seven Creeks originates on the Strathbogie plateau above the township of Strathbogie.  From Polly McQinn’s weir the creek descends a steep granite escarpment, eventually cascading over Gooram Falls below.  The creek then flows through a confined valley to Euroa emerging onto the riverine plain, joining Goulburn River south of Shepparton.

To assist native fish species and improve the health of Seven Creeks we are working with landholders and the community to increase the cover of native vegetation and the quality of instream habitat.

 For further information on the Seven Creeks project and to find out how you can become involved contact Sue Kosch, Goulburn Broken CMA on 5797 4400 or email suek@gbcma.vic.gov.au

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