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Fill in the below form to register for potential funding to enhance and protect biodiversity on private land

Significant areas of the Goulburn Broken catchment’s native vegetation is located on private land. This vegetation provides multiple benefits to landholders and the environment such as: 

  • Improved property values and aesthetics
  • Wind and shade protection for stock and crops
  • Food, shelter and ‘stepping-stones’ across the landscape for native animals
  • Habitat for pollinating insects

The GB CMA regularly advocates for funding that could assist landholders to implement conservation activities on private land including:

  • Revegetation (direct seeding or planting)
  • Pest plant and animal control
  • Fencing of remnants and plantings

To be eligible for potential future funding, sites need to:

  • Be in the Goulburn Broken catchment
  • Preferably contain existing remnant  vegetation (trees, shrubs, and/or grasses)
  • Be of significant natural value or have the potential to be of value if connected to other vegetation
  • Be larger than 2 hectares
  • If a corridor, be 40 metres or wider
  • Be signed up to a 10-year management agreement through the Goulburn Broken CMA and agree to implement works.

To express your interest (for when, and if funding becomes available), please download the form, fill it in and email to

Landholders will be contacted once funding becomes available (please note this may take time).

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