Hughes Creek

Landholders along Hughes Creek are invited to take part in a project to protect the threatened Macquarie Perch and to improve the health of the river system.

HHughes Creek Trial Siteughes Creek starts in the Black Range and flows across the Ruffy Tablelands before descending into the Hughes Creek Valley and emerging onto the Riverine Plain above Avenel. From there it flows to the Goulburn River.

To protect and increase the population of Macquarie perch, we are working with the community to improve the creek’s health. A long-term aim is to reconnect this population to the Goulburn River. 

To learn more about these works, view these interactive story maps:

  • Macquarie perch monitoring presents the fish survey data 2006-2016, with interpretive summaries to provide greater context for the annual result variations.
  • Instream Habitat Works Trial - short version is a condensed version of the 8ASM presentation which following an overview of the Hughes Creek project, details the method and monitoring employed with the instream habitat works trial underway, along with our findings to date.

Hughes Creek Project Fact Sheet

Work is being undertaken to improve stream health and fish habitat for the nationally endangered Macquarie perch.   Click here to view the fact sheet

Further Information

For more information follow the links below:

Hughes Creek YouTube Clips

These Youtube clips showcase some of the works carried as part of this project.

For more information on the Hughes Creek Project contact Christine Glassford at the Yea office of the Goulburn Broken CMA on (03) 5797 4400, via email to christineg@gbcma.vic.gov.au or subscribe to our eNewsletter using the button below.


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