SIR Land and Water Management Plan Renewal 2050

The Shepparton Irrigation Region People and Planning Integration Committee (SIRPPIC) is in the process of renewing the Shepparton Irrigation Region Land and Water Management Plan (SIRLWMP).

The Plan was developed more than 30 years ago in response to serious threats from salinity and waterlogging.

Since then, the Shepparton Irrigation Region (SIR) has faced many more challenges which the Plan has sought to predict, identify and address.

Now it is time to start the discussion about the SIRLWMP 2050-an integrated, adaptive and resilience-based approach to natural resource management in the SIR.

Many conversations have and will be held with a wide range of stakeholders about the core values of the SIR and how best to identify and seize opportunities.

A draft of the renewed SIRLWMP will be available for community comment in late 2023

and the final version should be ready for approval by the GB CMA board in 2024.