Waterway and Floodplain Management Resources

A range of resources are available regarding the management of Waterways and Floodplains in the Goulburn Broken Catchment. This section includes a variety of these documents.

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Geomorphology of the Yea and Acheron River

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Goulburn Broken Waterway Strategy 2014 - 2022

Goulburn River Large Scale River Restoration

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Lower Broken Creek Waterway Strategy

The management of the physical condition of the creeks, water quality and significant flora and fauna are central to the Management Strategy for Broken Creek.

To protect these values a Management Strategy has been completed by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, with the support of partner agencies and the community. The strategy reviews the achievements since 1997 and outlines recommendations for the future management of the creek and its environs.

The Lower Broken Creek Waterway Management Strategy has been developed to address the key threats to the natural assets of the Lower Broken Creek. The majority of the natural assets and key threats to the Broken Creek occur within the Lower Broken Creek System, and therefore the Lower Broken Creek Management Strategy was developed focusing on this area.

The community provided valued input to the review of previous works and to the direction of the current document.

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River Health Information Sheets

Water Quality

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CRP Manual February 2004
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Issues Paper No 5
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Source Nutrients for Goulburn Broken Catchment - Issues Paper 2
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Nutrients from Dryland Diffuse Sources Addendum - Issues Paper 2A
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May 2006
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Stage 1
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April 2006
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Wetland & Riparian Condition Along the Broken & Boosey Creeks
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Final Report - May 2007
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Final Report - October 2007
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A sub-component of the Tahbilk Native Fish Demonstration Site - August 2008
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Freshwater Catfish Survey of Tahbilk Lagoon
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Fish Passage in Tahbilk Wetlands 2008
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Final Report February 2009
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