Biodiversity underpins the health of our intimately connected natural and managed systems, especially agriculture. Biodiversity is under increased pressure from climate variability and change, and rapid changes in land and water use.

Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity Strategy for the Goulburn Broken Catchment 2016 -2021 is the next step of the journey in improving the resilience of ecosystems so that they continue to provide habitat for flora and fauna and to provide the ecosystem services for more immediate human needs such as the filtering of water, the pollinating of crops and the provision of aesthetically pleasing places to live and play.

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Native Vegetation in the Shepparton Irrigation Region

This document was developed to provide detailed information on native flora in the SIR and allow easy identification of the varied vegetation covering the region from magnificent River Red Gums, through to sweet-smelling Bursaria, petite Tiny Stars and elusive Blue Caladenia's.

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Threatened Native Vegetation Communities of the Goulburn Broken Region

An information package has been compiled by the DSE and the GBCMA to provide information on the identification, management and conservation of threatened grassy vegetation communities in the Goulburn Broken Catchment.

The vegetation communities highlighted in particular include:

  1. Grey Box-Buloke Grassy Woodlands,
  2. Northern Plains Grassland and
  3. Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands and derived grasslands.

In addition there are two documentaries 'Treasures of Our Grassy Woodlands' and 'Native Grasslands of the Victorian Riverina' which are a good introduction to the subject matter.

Native Vegetation

Volume 1: Native Vegetation Management Strategy


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This is the Draft Native Vegetation Management Strategy.
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Discusses the issues surrounding the scientific, government policy and community attitudes that have driven changes in natural resource management over the past couple of decades.
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Volume 2: Native Vegetation Retention Controls - Regional Guidelines

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This addendum provides additional information to Appendix 4, Table 4 in Volume 2 of the Goulburn Broken Native Vegetation Plan 2003 (Regional Guidelines for Native Vegetation Retention Controls), in response to changes to the Victorian Native Vegetation Management Framework. The information provided therein was used in conjunction with the guidelines to determine and provide offsets for -small / slow growing- trees and very large old trees (prior to the updated Victorian government’s native vegetation regulations in December 2013). The ‘native vegetation retention controls – regional guidelines’ are now inactive but remain on this website for historic reference.
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Revegetation Guide

Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) Information Sheets

The following information sheets provide an overview of the key components of each EVC and outline threats, management tips and key flora and fauna species. They also contain a description of the EVC, images of the EVC in different parts of the Catchment, a distribution map and, in most cases, comparative images of the EVC in good and degraded condition.

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Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) information sheets have been developed to help increase the knowledge and understanding of extension officers, Landcare members, local government, landholders and individuals interested in managing native vegetation in the Goulburn Broken Catchment.
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Landscape Change

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