Landcare Links July 2021

ISSUE: 29.07.2021

Welcome to July edition of Landcare Links. 

There has been so much water flowing over the paddocks, down the gullies, in the creeks and rivers and overfilling the dams in the area where I live this July.

I took this photo last night of an ephemeral creek after a series of thunderstorms and rain bursts during the day. Of particular note was the colour of the water. There was obviously a large amount of soil washing downstream this small tributary.

Groundcover is the best prevention for losing soil during our rain events. The rule of thumb is 70% groundcover protects soil from water erosion, dependent on hillslope and rainfall intensity. If you are interested in how to increase your groundcover, please contact your local Landcare Network facilitator or the Goulburn Broken CMA to start you on the journey to develop this.

Warm Regards,

Kerstie Lee
Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator
Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and pay our respects to their Elders; past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that our land, water and resources are important to the wellbeing of Yorta Yorta and Taungurung peoples.

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News & Events

Growing Regenerative Agriculture - pathways and potential for scaling up

On Friday 30th July 2021 from 12.30pm-12.30pm Melbourne University, Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law, is offering a free webinar. This will host a panel of experts and paractitioners who will explore the potential to scale up regenerative agriculture, the pathways and challenges to scaling up an the policities and government support needed.

Carbon Neutral Food: Future Investment and Technology

On Tuesday 3rd August from 12.00pm-1.00pm, the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering's Agriculture and Food Forum is presenting a free webinar hosted by Professor Snow Barlow. Speakers include: Alexandra Gartman and Prof Peter Grace.

Building Better Breeders: Running a profitable, fertile  beef enterprise

MLA and Profitable Grazing Systems are offering an opportunity to learn about Running a profitable, fertile beef enterprise with a 6 session course including topics such as: setting breeding objectives & managing herd nutrition; preparing for joining; joining and managing herd data; weaning and pre-calving; and calving.

For more information please call Aggregate Consulting on (02) 69251758 or complete the registration.

Drought Resilience Leaders Program: Building leadership resilience for the future

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills with a focus on drought and climate resilience and adaption, the Future Drought Fund is looking for people interested to apply for the Drought Resilience Leaders 8 day program.

If you are interested please register your interest via email here, or to understand more about it, click read more.



Healthy Hectares

Are you a new landholder or is someone who would like to understand more about their property? Healthy Hectares could be for you. A series of workshops designed to provide you with information about your property:

Friday 13th August - Water on Your Farm - 1pm-5pm at Yea Council Chambers

Saturday 11th September - Biodiversity and Pest Plant and Animals - 9.30am-1.30pm Taggerty Community Centre

Friday 8th October - Soils and Pasture - 1pm-5pm at Glenburn Hall


Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Programs

On Thursday 29th July from 3pm-4pm, DELWP invites you to the information session on Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Programs, which will provide an overview of both programs and their eligibility, and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

To register to attend the information session, please click below.


Redlegged earth mite survey

Are you a grower or advisor in Ausralia who has encountered the redlegged earth mite? Cesar Australia want to hear from you. This is a national survey on the redlegged earth mite and will take 10 mins. Your input will help shape the future management of this pest across Australia.

Participants will receive early access to a new RLEM online training module developed by Cesar Australia.


Applications open for Riverine Plains Advisory Council

Are you interested in contributing to the long term research direction of Riverine Plains? Would you like to be a part of the leadership team which delivers relevant, timely and innovative outcomes for our members? We want your input, passion and experience.

Calling for applications by answering 4 questions and emailing your answers to Catherine Marriott ceo@riverineplains.org.au 

Why would you like to be involved in the RAC?  What value and skills can you bring? How well networked are you in your region? What is your area of interest in delivering on farm research?


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The Goulburn Broken CMA acknowledges and respects First Nations people and the deep connection they have with their land and waters.

We acknowledge the Yorta Yorta and Taungurung people and their ancestors/forbears as Traditional Owners of the land and waters in the Goulburn Broken Catchment (and beyond). We value our ongoing partnerships with Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation and Taungurung Land and Waters Council for the health of Country and its people.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge and recognise the primacy of Traditional Owners obligations, rights and responsibilities to use and care for their traditional lands and waters.

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