Wilmot Road Primary School Students feature in our radio campaign

Wilmot Road Primary School students will feature in the upcoming Goulburn Broken CMA radio campaign.

Levi Williams, Rusil Alghazaly and  Heba Altimimi recently recorded three commercials, which will air on 3SR FM during August, September and October. 

Since early 2013 Goulburn Broken CMA staff members have taken turns to attend Wilmot Road Primary School’s after school Learning Club each week for an hour.

The partnership, initiated by GV Community Fund CEO at the time, Lisa McKenzie, is a great way for the Goulburn Broken CMA to “give back” to the community and engage with young people.

Wilmot Road Primary School has a very diverse, multicultural school population, with about 60 per cent of the students having non- English speaking backgrounds.

Goulburn Broken CMA staff volunteer their time to read and speak with the students, providing valuable one-on-one learning time, and demonstrating the different ways adults can be involved in their learning.

The weekly sessions also give Goulburn Broken CMA staff the opportunity to tap into the students’ enthusiasm for the environment and talk about the organisation’s work to improve the Catchment’s water, land and biodiversity and how that in turn helps improve farmers’ productivity and keep communities vibrant.

Wilmot Road Primary School students (from left) Rusil Alghazaly, Heba Altimimi and Levi Williams with Start FM's Christopher Marienfield.