Creek run-off causing Goulburn River discolouration

Run-off from creeks after heavy rain on January 3 was causing sections of the Goulburn River to look darker than usual, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA) River and Wetland Health Program Manager Mark Turner said.


“We have had some reports from the community of the Goulburn River looking discoloured near Toolamba and Murchison,” Mr Turner said.

“Our staff have been out monitoring dissolved oxygen levels - a measure of water quality - at various sites along the Goulburn River and found the levels are fine at this time.”

On January 3 there were reports of up to 50mm of rain falling in areas around Pranjip, Hughes and Whiteheads creeks.

“These creeks are tributaries of the Goulburn River. Water from the creeks, which includes leaf litter and other debris, is making its way down the Goulburn River, causing the water to look darker in some stretches. The dark creek water will move down the river and slowly dissipate.”

Mr Turner said Goulburn Broken CMA staff  would continue to work with Goulburn-Murray Water and Goulburn Valley Water to monitor water quality.

“Water is currently being delivered along the Goulburn River from Goulburn Weir to the Murray River for irrigation and urban consumption,” Mr Turner said.

“En route to these water users, this water is also meeting the river’s base flow of 500ML/day to help maintain water quality and to support native fish, water bugs and vegetation.”

Mr Turner thanked people for reporting the change in the Goulburn River’s water colour.

Goulburn Broken CMA can be contacted on 5822 7700 or email