The Goulburn Broken CMA received funding from the Australian Government to continue the SoilCare project, which started in 2012.

SoilCare worked with farmers, community groups and industry to promote awareness, understanding and adoption of farming practices that improve soil condition. Through SoilCare, farming practices were trialed and demonstrated on-farm to test under local conditions and to test their ‘fit’ for individual businesses.

The project provided a great opportunity for groups of farmers to come together in support networks to promote ideas for better management of soil health and put into practice farmer-led demonstrations.

At the same time, together with DEDJTR, we developed resources to support the sharing of information for and with farmers.

With the ever growing uncertainty of seasonal outlooks and the demands placed on the services that soils provide, this project offered a great opportunity to further promote community driven soil health programs.

Case studies and other resources from this project can be accessed here.