Last chance to grab free tree guards

Friday 6 November, 2020
Landholders keen to protect naturally regenerating trees or planted tube stock can organise to collect free tree guards from WB Hunter Euroa next Friday (November 13).

Goulburn Broken CMA’s Janice Mentiplay-Smith said the paddock tree guard project had proved very popular with landholders, however, there was a small number of guards left.

“The tree guard project is part of the broader Linking Landscapes project, which is about promoting the linking up of vegetation across our landscapes,” she said.

“So much of our native vegetation is fragmented, severely inhibiting the movement of native species across the landscape. These linkages don’t necessarily need to be continuous corridors of vegetation - paddock trees dotted across the landscape are great stepping-stones enabling wildlife to move safely across open areas.

“Paddock trees are also valuable for stock shade and shelter and provide amenity to our agricultural landscape.  By protecting your ‘paddock trees of the future’, you are not only contributing to the immediate health of the landscape but are investing in your property’s future health and value.

“Many paddock trees are suffering from dieback, or simply aren’t able to regenerate naturally due to being constantly grazed so we’re offering landholders these guards so they can protect emerging paddock trees.”

Each guard is 1.8m tall. If you would like to receive three free tree guards, please contact Janice on 0418 316 169 or janicem@gbcma.vic.gov.au to register your interest and to organise a pick up time.

This Linking Landscapes project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.