Reveg grant for local family

Thursday 17 June, 2004

An Environmental Management Incentive will be used to revegetate around 50ha of predominantly cleared land for a Mansfield landowner.

The project will include fencing and weed control with a long term view to halting erosion on the Paps Lane property.

The Sladdin family moved onto the property around 12 years ago and were seduced by the magnificent views across the Ford Creek arm of Lake Eildon and across the Mansfield valley to the mountains.

They were aware that previous clearing had made the land vulnerable to landslips and had plans to start revegetating the property over time.

“It was something we regarded as a priority,” Paul Sladdin said. “However we knew it was a huge project and would take time.”

Two years ago the Sladdins realised that the project needed to be brought forward when a cleared section of The Paps was undermined by heavy rain and a landslip occurred, prompting the family to seek assistance from the Environmental Management Incentives (EMI) program.

EMIs take the form of financial assistance to implement natural resources projects that will have wide environmental benefits.

Because there is little remnant vegetation on the property the Sladdins have opted for a revegetation program that will replace 50ha of trees and understory, creating wildlife habitat that has been missing from the property for many years.

“We couldn’t have started the project without this incentive.” Paul said. “Geoff Boyes from the Department of Primary Industry came out and assessed the project and assured us that it could be achieved. Native birds are already evident in the area and we know that our project will bring many more onto our land.”

“We had a grand plan that appeared to be a long way away, but now it is coming to fruition and the long term impact for the environment will be huge.”

Environmental Management Incentives are still available in the Mansfield area and interested landowners should contact Geoff Boyes at DPI Alexandra on Ph 5772 0274.

The grants are an initiative of the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority in partnership with the Department of Primary Industry.