Draft Our Catchments, Our Communities strategy

The Victorian Government’s Our Catchments, Our Communities strategy aims to provide strategic directions on how integrated catchment management can deliver better long-term land productivity and environmental goals across the state.

The state’s catchment management authorities have been asked to lead regional consultation on the draft document and to seek feedback through their networks on its vision, goals and actions, identify the strengths and values of catchment management and comment on the catchment management framework.

 A copy of the draft Our Catchments, Our Communities is available here.

FAQs are available here.

Summary presentation

A presentation summarising the strategy is available here.  In this presentation Chris Norman, CEO Goulburn Broken CMA provides an overview of each slide.  To hear this audio, click on the speaker icon found in the bottom left of each slide.

 Provide your feedback

We are keen to receive your feedback on this strategy.  Feedback can be provided online via this link. Alternatively, you can contact Chris Norman, CEO Goulburn Broken CMA (phone: 03 5822 7700) to discuss your feedback.  Feedback must be received by November 30th 2015 to be considered during the finalisation of the strategy.