Final Call for irrigators to pre-qualify for Round 2 of the Farm Water Program

Thursday 14 April, 2011
On-farm Irrigation Efficiency Program

On-farm Irrigation Efficiency Program

Irrigators who are interested in being involved in Round Two of the Farm Water Program need to prequalify before the 3rd May 2011.

“It is important that irrigators who are interested in doing farm irrigation infrastructure works to generate water savings get their eligibility forms into DPI by Tuesday 3rd May, 2011,” said Chris Norman, CEO of the Goulburn Broken CMA. 

“There will be no further calls to prequalify for the program for Round 2 if our application is successful in receiving funding approval in principle later this year” Mr. Norman added. 

“Irrigators must get their forms in now to enable us to capture critical information required to meet timelines in the next stage of the process”. 

Irrigators need to meet 10 criteria to be eligible for the program.  The Eligibility Criteria and Frequently Asked Questions can be downloaded from the Goulburn Broken CMA website.

“If irrigators meet all 10 eligibility criteria, they must contact their local DPI Project Officer to receive an information pack, and discuss eligibility or water savings activities” Mr. Norman said.  DPI contact information is on the GB CMA website.  

Completed pre-qualification forms must be received by DPI staff at the offices listed on the website by 5pm on Tuesday 3rd May, 2011 to participate in the program in Round 2.   No late forms will be accepted. 

Irrigators should note that no funding has been approved by the Commonwealth Government for Round 2 of the Farm Water Program at this stage.  The eligibility criteria, FAQS and guidelines may change following Commonwealth funding approval. 

For further information please contact the Farm Water Program Manager, Megan McFarlane on (03) 5820 1100.