Environmental water update - December

Environmental water is water set aside to be used to improve or maintain the health of rivers, floodplains and wetlands, and the plants and animals that depend upon them. Of the total amount of water captured and stored in dams (such as Hume and Eildon), 20 per cent is used for the environment, 20 per cent for urban and industry and 60 per cent for irrigation.

Goulburn River: A base flow of 500 ML/day
is been delivered down the lower Goulburn
River (downstream of the Goulburn Weir to
the Murray River). This base flow supports
native fi sh and helps to maintain water quality.

The flow is currently provided by inter-valley
transfers (water delivered to the Murray River
for irrigati on and urban consumpti on).

Broken Creek: A flow of approximately 250 ML/
day is currently being delivered down the lower
Broken Creek to increase native fish habitat
during the migrati on and breeding season and
to maintain water quality. The flow is provided
from the Murray River as water is delivered to
meet downstream demand from communiti es
and irrigators.