Brolga seen at Reedy Swamp

The recent sighting of brolga at Reedy Swamp north of Shepparton may be a first, says Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Environmental Water Project Officer Jo Wood.

Brolgas at Reedy Swamp

“Don Roberts from Bird Life Murray Goulburn sent us through some photos a visiting friend had taken last month,’’ Ms Wood said.
“He realised just how unusual it was to see brolga at Reedy Swamp and knew we’d be interested.
 “The photos show what we think is a breeding pair. This is very exciting as, as far as we know, brolga have not been spotted at Reedy Swamp before.”
Brolgas prefer small bodies of water containing cane grass for nesting and breeding.
“Cane grass needs periods of dry,” Ms Wood said.
“Reedy is pretty much a permanent water body so cane grass does not grow there. While Reedy is a regular stop off for huge range of migratory birds, such as sandpipers, brolga have not been spotted here before so we’re not sure why they have this year.”
Ms Wood said she would love to hear from any locals who may have seen brolga at Reedy before.
“We do regular audio and sight monitoring at Reedy and we are not aware of brolga stopping off at the wetland in the past,” Ms Wood said.
“We are aware though that there are many avid bird watchers and locals who know the area really well and may have spotted brolga there before. We’d really love to hear from them and perhaps gain a better understanding of what environmental or climatic factors have brought them to the wetland this year.”
Contact Jo on 5822 7700 or jow@gbcma.vic.gov.au