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Shepparton river frontage under spotlight

Goulburn Broken CMA has commissioned a study into the condition of public land along the Goulburn and Broken Rivers within urban areas of Shepparton.   The study will include vegetation quality assessments; a study of the condition of the rivers; and the assessment of threats such as weeds and litter.   It will also assess the effectiveness of current management practices including Crown Water Frontage licensing arrangements.   Assessments will be carried out on the Goulburn River from Daldy Road to the confluence with Seven Creeks and on the Broken River from the confluence of the Goulburn River to Doyles Road.   Goulburn Broken CMA River Health Manager, Wayne Tennant , said the study would lead to a report that may recommend changes to current management practices and licensing arrangements to achieve sustainable use and the protection of conservation, recreation and cultural values.  The assessment will also identify the key threats to the condition of these important public land parcels.   Mr Tennant said any recommendations to protect and improve the river and riverbank would be in line with objectives of the Draft Goulburn Broken Native Vegetation Management Strategy and Goulburn Broken Regional River Health Strategy.   Studies have shown Crown Land Frontage is frequently under pressure and in need of greater protection for environmental, economic and social reasons.  The strip of vegetation along the Goulburn and Broken Rivers provides valuable habitat for many native species such as sugar and squirrel gliders. It is also heavily used for recreational purposes including fishing.   A number of agencies are responsible for the management of Crown Water Frontages including Parks Victoria, Forests and Crown Land Management. Often sections of frontage are licensed to landowners or are managed by a committee of management.   Goulburn Broken CMA will work closely with these groups to bring about any changes.   The final report is expected in early June. For more information telephone Scott Morath at the GB CMA on 58 222288.   Release ends   For more information telephone Wayne Tennant on 58 222288.

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