Local Plan - Commuting Hills

You can download a PDF version here.

The Commuting Hills features the mountainous urban fringe of the southern and south-western Goulburn Broken Catchment. Large tracts of public land and small privately owned forested land remain over much of this area. Towns include Kilmore, Broadford, Kinglake and Marysville.

Traditional Owners shaped the land of the Commuting Hills. Since then, the Commuting Hills has been cleared for agriculture and gold rushes and rail and road infrastructure. A large number of residents in this area commute to workplaces outside of the catchment i.e. Melbourne.
Ecologically this area is highly valued for the extent and connectivity of remaining unique forests and the rich diversity of species. Forests are also highly valued for the lifestyle they offer to people who live here, as well as the economic value created through agriculture, forestry and recreation.
This area is of significant cultural value, with many Aboriginal sites remaining in these largely undisturbed landscapes. Waterways are highly valued for their pristine condition and the important service they provide; fresh clean water throughout the Catchment. Communities here are diverse, vibrant and energetic. The future aspiration for the Commuting Hills is an area that safely enhances its natural appeal and value for those living, farming, working and visiting.

Working on Solid Foundations

Effort to sustain and restore the natural environment that underpins our way of life is by no means new. The area’s landholders have worked with a range of stakeholders to maintain and improve region’s land, water and biodiversity assets over the years. While acknowledging this effort there is also recognition building the region’s resilience to adapt to current and future drivers of change is an ongoing challenge.