Water Quality

The Goulburn Broken CMA is responsible for the implementation of the Goulburn Broken Water Quality Strategy (WQS). The WQS is a community endorsed document that was developed in 1996 to serve as a strategy for water quality management throughout the catchment for the subsequent 20 years.

The goal of the Goulburn Broke WQS is to; "Improve and maintain water quality at optimum levels within and downstream of the catchment for native ecosystems, recreation, human and animal consumption, agriculture and industry."

While this strategy concentrates on nutrient issues there are also a number of other existing or potential water quality issues in the catchment that need to be addressed. Other issues include turbidity, suspended sediments, biocides, acidity and temperature.

All of these issues are briefly addressed in the Strategy. Additionally, it should be noted that this strategy is a surface water quality strategy only, as impacts on water quality from groundwater activities are minor.

Effective implementation and achievement of the Goulburn Broken Water Quality Strategy and its objectives through these programs and linked actions relies on strong partnerships with other land managers, authorities and the community (e.g Department of Primary Industries, Goulburn-Murray Water, Goulburn Valley Water, Environment Protection Authority).

Guidelines have been prepared for the Protection of Water Quality, please see Link below.