Water plants

Threatened Species

It is important to continue monitoring threatened species populations in our catchment area to inform management decisions and direct on-ground works.


As a consequence of the ongoing drought, and recent trends within monitoring data, concerns have been raised as to the status of a trapped portion of the historically translocated Macquarie Perch and Trout Cod populations below Gooram Falls, within Seven Creek. This survey aimed to further assess the extent and severity of the trend.
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Macquarie perch is a native freshwater fish, endemic to the midland and upland reaches of the south-east region of the Murray-Darling Basin. This report documents outcomes of the 2009 assessment of Macquarie perch in King Parrot Creek. Information collected from this assessment builds on information gathered in annual surveys from 2006 to 2008, and provides valuable insight into the impact of the February bushfires on the fish community in King Parrot Creek, particularly the Macquarie perch.
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