Program Priorities

Rigorous priorities have been set in the River Health Strategy, and are set according to a number of criteria:
  • Priorities will be based on the best available scientific, economic and sociological information.
  • Causes of problems will be targeted in geographic areas that maximize community return on investment.
  • Priorities for works will consider risks and multiple benefits.

Currently, these priorities revolve around five areas:

Environmental Water Reserve

The GB CMA is in the process of developing environmental water requirements for a number of priority rivers and streams in the Catchment.

Rivers and Streams

Rivers and streams are the lifeblood upon which most of the other Catchment's assets depend.

Threatened Species

It is important to continue monitoring threatened species populations in our catchment area to inform management decisions and direct on-ground works.

Water Quality

The Goulburn Broken CMA is responsible for the implementation of the Goulburn Broken Water Quality Strategy (WQS). The WQS is a community endorsed document that was developed in 1996 to serve as a strategy for water quality management throughout the catchment for the subsequent 20 years.

Waterway Frontage

Waterway frontage isn’t just a narrow strip along each side of a creek or river. Waterway frontage includes any land that adjoins or directly influences a body of water.


Wetlands are amongst the most important, productive and valuable ecosystems in Australia. They perform numerous vital functions including water purification, nutrient processing, maintenance of watertables, flood protection and erosion control.