Agricultural Floodplains

The Agricultural Floodplains encompasses the low lying floodplains, with some sandhills, along the valleys of the River Murray and Goulburn River. The river floodplain systems are a dominant feature across the landscape.

Regulation, and the associated timing and volume of flow delivery in channels and across the floodplain is the greatest threat to waterways, which are typically highly modified from their original state. Most waterways are currently in poor condition and numerous wetlands are threatened by high saline watertables caused by irrigation.

Priority Waterways include:

Goulburn River, Tullah Creek, Boosey Creek, Broken Creek, Broken River, Gaynors Swamp, Kanayapella Basin, Barmah Forest, Gemmills Swamp, Reedy Swamp, Kinnairds Wetland, Mansfield/Wallenjoe Swamps

Resource Condition Targets

Establish Management Plan by 2030

Fish migration (open passage) is maintained or improved by 2025

Improve flow regime by 2021

Instream habitat is maintained or improved by 2030

Maintain or improve habitat for significant birds by 2030

Maintain or Improve the Ecological Character of Barmah

Maintain or improve wetland buffer by 2030

Populations of native fish are maintained or improved by 2025

Protect and promote natural channel form and dynamics

Reduce the threat of invasive species by 2030

Riparian and floodplain vegetation condition is maintained or improved by 2025

Water quality is maintained or improved by 2030

Wetland condition is maintained or improved by 2025