Our Waterways

Waterways are among the most striking features of our landscape. Our communities rely on the rivers and the water contained within them for many reasons - from providing water to our communities, through to enjoying their cultural, environmental, tourism and recreational values.

A secure water supply is also critical to the economy of the catchment and the state. The region’s agricultural and related industries provide almost a third of Australia’s food production, with the irrigated sector alone contributing to 25% of Victoria’s export earnings.

Some of the key waterways within the region include: Barmah Wetland, Goulburn River, Broken River, Broken Creek, King Parrot Creek, Seven Creeks, Howqua River and Reedy Swamp. These waterways are part of a significant network of named and unnamed waterways and wetlands.

Waterways in the Goulburn Broken Catchment also support many species of plants and animals that are unique to Australia including the Murray cod, Barred galaxias, Trout cod, Platypus and the humble Yabby.

Our catchment is also home of the Barmah Forest, the largest River Red Gum forest in Australia, together with numerous wetlands, that contribute significantly to the environmental character of the region and its recreational, cultural and aesthetic values.

Sunday Creek