Goulburn Broken Waterway Strategy

The Goulburn Broken Waterway Strategy 2014-2022 reflects the vast amount of work the community has achieved in waterway health over many years. It incorporates recent environmental and policy drivers and knowledge gained through research and monitoring.

The intent of the Waterway Strategy is to:

  • Identify priority waterways and wetlands based on their environmental, social, cultural and economic values, and set objectives for their management.
  • Develop a program of works to achieve these objectives, and targets against which to measure progress.
  • Provide a consistent process for identifying priorities for government investment in waterways and wetlands.
  • Engage key stakeholders and the community in the process of developing the Waterway Strategy to ensure priority assets reflect areas of high community value.

The Waterway Strategy has been structured and compiled with input from our community and our many partners. Continuous engagement with the community and partner agencies will ensure an adaptive management approach is used to enhance the resilience of our waterways and catchment as we face the challenges of the future together.

The Goulburn Broken Waterway Strategy 2014-2022 is one of several sub-strategies supporting the Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS). The RCS presents a vision for integrated catchment management in the region. It identifies land, water and biodiversity assets, sets 20-year condition objectives for those assets and outlines regional priorities and management measures to achieve the objectives.

The Waterway Strategy comprises five major sections: 

  • PART A – Regional Overview and Strategic Context
  • PART B – The Approach, Vision, Goals and Guiding Principles
  • PART C – Regional Program – Implementation of Management Activities
  • PART D – Implementing the Strategy
  • PART E - Appendices

Download the document here.