Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy

The Victorian Government requires Catchment Management Authorities to develop and periodically review Regional Floodplain Management Strategies, in partnership with councils, the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) and their local communities.

The new regional strategy will replace the previous regional strategy (2002) and aims to help manage flood risk by seeking community input to prioritise where flood knowledge needs to be improved through flood studies and flood mapping.

The preparation of the new regional floodplain management strategy :

  • will recognises the importance of capturing local community knowledge about floods, such as those experienced in 2010-12 and this spring-winter;
  • is an opportunity to use local knowledge of flood behaviour to identify any gaps in current flood management measures;
  • determine actions needed to reduce the risk of flooding; and
  • set regional priorities for these actions.

The priorities will be detailed in a rolling three-year regional work plan that may identify various flood management activities such as:

  • tailoring total flood warning systems and flood emergency response to local needs;
  • improving flood overlays controls;
  • strategic land-use planning; and
  • investing in flood protection infrastructure where appropriate.

Community information sessions are being held in each of the local government areas during February. Click here for session details

At these meetings, the community will be encouraged to share their local knowledge of flood behaviour, identify any gaps or additional activities needed to manage or prepare for floods and indicate the level of flood risk they are prepared to live with.

If you can not attend one of the community sessions, please feel free to complete this feedback form after reviewing the summary of the flood studies that have been completed for your town.

This feedback will be documented and incorporated in the draft regional floodplain management strategy and help inform a regional work plan.  Further feedback will be sought following the release of the draft strategy in mid-2017.

Once finalised, the new strategy will belong to the all regional stakeholders, whiel the regional work plan can be used to lobby government for funding for flood management works and activities.

More floodplain management information is available here.