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What landholders can do to help

The Goulburn Broken CMA is offering two options for landholders for fencing along waterways burnt in the February fires.

Option 1

$8/m for a standard fence and $6/m for an electric fence.

Option 2

CMA to supply materials equivalent to a standard fence and CMA work crews will be supervised to construct fence. Costs for variations may need to be negotiated, such as landholder supplies hardwood/concrete posts.

Riparian land is critically important to river health, for soil stability, sediment and nutrient capture, as well as providing food and habitat for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Recovery of vegetation along stream frontages following fire is even more crucial, given surface runoff is higher and faster, with greater capacity to move more soil and debris. Riparian land requires urgent protection to allow it time to recover unimpeded by impacts of stock.

The Goulburn Broken CMA encourages landholders with properties impacted by the fire to contact the GB CMA to obtain waterway grant assistance. Installation of off stream water and revegetation works are also subsidised components of waterway grants available to all that meet the grant criteria.

This higher level of grant subsidy support is made available through Caring For Our Country funding, which is expected to be available for a two year period, ending 30th June 2011.

Landholders can also help with the pest plant control works by providing access to waterways for post fire weed control and/or contacting the GB CMA following receipt of notification letter.

Brochures providing greater detail on the grant process and eligibility can be obtained online or from the GB CMA office. To obtain a copy or arrange a site meeting to discuss waterway grant works and/or other issues relating to waterway management, please contact staff in the Yea office on 5736 0100.