Advice for applicants

When applying for a position at the GBCMA, please adhere to the guidelines below.

1. Obtain a Position Description
  • From the person or sources listed in the advertisement. The position description provides you with information vital to your application.
  • It details:
    • the purpose
    • duties and responsibilities of the position
    • the experience, knowledge and skill levels required
    • the Key Selection Criteria .
2. Prepare your application
  • It is essential that you address all of the Key Selection Criteria.
  • You must document examples which demonstrate how you meet the KSC and where you have had relevant work experience.
  • Your application must include:
    • A brief covering letter of application
    • Statements which clearly and specifically address each of the Key Selection Criteria as listed in the position description
    • A brief outline of your employment history and experience, preferably in the form of a curriculum vitae.
    • The name and contact number of at least two referees who could provide comments on your work experience and skills in relation to the Key Selection Criteria
  • Written applications are the primary means of determining those applicants who best meet the Key Selection Criteria. Please note that the panel may choose not to interview you if you do not demonstrate claims against the Key Selection Criteria.
3. Prepare for your interview
  • Interviewees will be asked questions, based on the Key Selection Criteria.
  • The interview questions will be designed to:
    • explore the breadth and depth of your experience,
    • elaborate on specific examples.
  • Other assessment methods may be used if deemed appropriate by the panel (demonstration or test), however applicants will be advised of this prior to the interview.
4. The interview
  • Selection for an interview provides you with an opportunity to explain or clarify information outlined in your application.
5. Reference checks
  • Interviewees considered suitable for appointment to the position will have their referees contacted to verify the information gathered. Referee feedback will be used to supplement the final selection decision.
  • The selection panel will not contact any referee without your consent.
6. Selection
  • Once the appointment of the selected candidate has gained internal approval, both the appointee and all unsuccessful applicants will be advised as soon as possible.

The above guidelines in pdf format are available below:

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