Previous Funding Rounds

Round 3 (Victorian Farm Modernisation Project, Tranche 1)

More than 130 contracts were sent out to irrigators funded through the $30 million first tranche of the VFMP program. Projects approved to the end of the week ending 6th March 2015 include those up to number 300-1-191.  Irrigators should note that their projects need to continue to meet all eligibility criteria at all points contract and implementation phases. Further details are covered in the FAQs below.

Rounds 1 & 2 

Rounds 1 and 2 were completed with funding from the Australian Government's On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program (Round 1 & 2); the Victorian Government’s NVIRP (Round 1); and the Victorian On Farm State Priority Projects initiative (Round 2). A total of 381 projects were completed through Rounds 1 and 2; with a total value of funding of $96 million and water savings of over 51 gigalitres returned for environmental purposes. Below is a summary of the works completed under both rounds.

Farm Water Program Round 1 Figures

Farm Water Program Round 2 Figures

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