Sustainable Irrigation

The Sustainable Irrigation Program oversees the delivery of on-ground works relating to sustainable irrigation in the Goulburn Broken Catchment. These on-ground works align with overarching strategies for the health of both the Goulburn Broken Catchment and the Murray Darling Basin.

The Shepparton Irrigation Region Catchment Implementation Strategy (which provided the basis for successful funding of the Farm Water Program through the recent federal “On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program”) and the Mid Goulburn Broken & Upper Goulburn Sustainable Irrigation Action Plan direct the strategic priorities for investment across the irrigated landscape of the Goulburn Broken Catchment.

Environmental services

                • Protection of environmental features:

                                – Wetland protection from salinisation

                                – Remnant vegetation protection and enhancement

Farm services

                • Property management planning:

                                 – Alignment with irrigation modernisation

                                 – Farm Water Program

                                – Plan2Farm

                                 – Improved farm irrigation practices

Improved Surface Water Management

                • Provision of surface drainage:

                                – Primary

                                – Community

                • Surface Water Management Program

Groundwater and Salt Management Services

                • Groundwater and salinity control:

                               - Provision of groundwater pumping to protect assets

                               - Reporting under the Basin Salinity Management Plan

                               - Research and development

                        -  Watertable maps

- DSE Manual for Victoria's Salinity Accountability in the Murray-Darling Basin (April 2011)


Protecting Our Investment in Modernised Irrigation

“Protecting the Investment in Modernised Irrigation: Adapting Successful Drainage Strategies to a Changing World” traces the history of the Shepparton Irrigation Region Catchment Implementation Strategy. It plots the rainfall events and the watertable levels from 1964 to 2010. As indicated high watertables and waterlogging present significant salinisation risks to the SIR and its productive agricultural base and environmental assets. Since 1990 the community and government have invested a significant amount of money and resources in the catchment in managing watertables and associated salinity threats.

Click here to see graph  "Protecting Our Investment in Modernised Irrigation"  (PDF File 1.5MB)


A case study of co-production to support sustainable irrigation objectives in Victoria

 This report has been prepared for DSE and the GBCMA SI Program to understand and ensure the ongoing commitment by the community to continue to be involved in delivering NRM outcomes. The Connection between empowerment and serious community engagement is clear and the importance for a co-production model in all NRM ventures is made apparent.

 To view the report, click here.


Farm Water Program

The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority is leading a consortium on behalf of the region’s irrigators to achieve farm water savings through improved farm irrigation systems.


Support is available for farming families in the GMID to make well-informed decisions in light of changes in water availability, modernisation works, market dynamics, climate and water management under the Basin Plan.


Your easy reference guide to obtaining permits, licences and advice in the Shepparton Irrigation Region.
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