Goldfields species list

LandformGilgai Plains and Crabhole Country
GeologySoils typically heavy clay, cracking and self-mulching.
EVCPlains Woodland/ Herb-rich Gilgai Wetland Mosaic
DescriptionOpen woodland of Grey Box, River Red Gum and Buloke with scattered micro-wetlands on medium to heavy clay soil.
ExamplesPuckapunyal Military Area (northern end of Major Ck area);

This plant (species) list has been compiled after extensive literature searches, ground truthing and collaboration with local botanical experts.

Plants appearing in the Standard Revegetation List are hardy and robust species that are strong competitors that will provide structure to a site. Species listed are commonly available at indigenous nurseries, however ordering early is recommended.

Plants appearing in the Enhanced Revegetation List are species that will provide diversity to a site and provide a missing layer, eg. small shrub and ground layer. Many of these species may be outcompeted in weedy sites therefore good weed management is essential. Species listed may not be commonly available from indigenous nurseries and may require advanced orders up to 18 months.

Plants appearing in the EVC Species List are a general representation of what species may be found within that EVC for that zone. Many species listed may not be available from indigenous nurseries.

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Trees > 5m

Species NameCommon NameLife
Allocasuarina luehmanniiBulokeT
Eucalyptus camaldulensisRiver Red-gumT💧
Eucalyptus microcarpaGrey BoxT


Species NameCommon NameLife
Acacia montanaMallee WattleMS
Acacia pycnanthaGolden WattleMS
Cassinia arcuataDrooping CassiniaMS


Species NameCommon NameLife


^Species from extended list. These may not be commonly available at nurseries.
Listed FFG Act
💧Wetter sites/depressions
Readily colonises

Life Forms

LHLarge HerbMNGMedium Non-tufted GraminoidSHSmall Herb
LTGLarge Tufted GraminoidMSMedium ShrubSSSmall Shrub
MHMedium HerbMTGMedium Tufted GraminoidTTree
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