A range of information is available when conducting Farmworks. This section includes information on obtaining permits, licences and advice in the Shepparton Irrigation Region and other useful resources.

Farmworks Approval Guide

Your easy reference guide to obtaining permits, licences and advice in the Shepparton Irrigation Region.
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Dairy Cattle Feedpad Guildelines

Feedpads are generally established to provide efficiency insupplimentary feeding with the aim of increasing milk production. However, if well constructed, operated and maintained a feedpad can provide much more on an ongoing basis. This document provides best practice guidelines for all aspects relating to incorporating a feedpad into your operation.

Regional Irrigation Development Guidelines

Irrigation accounts for more than 75% of water use in Victoria. It generates substantial economic, social and regional benefits. The Victorian Government's White Paper ‘Securing Our Water Future Together' states the Government's aspiration for irrigation is for it to become increasingly productive with minimal environmental impact. To ensure that irrigation development proceeds in a sustainable manner, it must be assessed against Regional Irrigation Development Guidelines.