Dryland Landscape Strategy

A New Approach for the Dryland

The GB CMA's Dryland Landscape Strategy has been in development since 2006, following recognition that the landscape of the dryland is changing rapidly, and a new natural resource management approach is needed. The DLS promotes a shift to a new, integrated systems approach in the dryland part of the Goulburn Broken Catchment. This means integration at all levels of the business, from planning to operations and service delivery. The DLS also heralds a change in emphasis from a threat based approach (pest plants and animals, salinity) to focussing efforts on protecting the Catchment's most important natural assets.

The DLS introduces new strategic directions that outline our focus for the next three years.

The process of developing the DLS has already yielded benefits through bringing different partners (internal, external and the community) together to consider future directions, and assisting the identification of large scale on-ground projects that have been bid for under the Australian Government's Caring For Our Country program.

The GB CMA's Board approved the final draft of the Dryland Landscape Strategy on 13th February 2009. 


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