Goulburn River - a tale of environment flows in Victoria's longest river

Follow Flo (our intrepid water droplet) on a journey down the Goulburn River as she explains how water for the environment is used to improve the health of Victoria’s longest waterway.

Flo is the star of an engaging and interactive web page which tracks an environmental flow to improve health of the Goulburn River.

GB CMA Environmental Water and Wetlands Manager Simon Casanelia said Flo managed to explain a complex topic by using everyday language.

“She takes us on an exciting journey as she makes her way from the Mountains to the Murray and explains all the good work she does along the way”, Mr Casanelia said.

“We learn about the importance of timing environmental flows to encourage plants to grow, and fish to breed and move.

“Flo explains how environmental water can be used to repair damage caused by unseasonably high flows, which can impact bank vegetation and fish habitat.”

Mr Casanelia encouraged viewers to hitch a ride on Flo’s entertaining and informative journey.

“It’s quite an adventure and Flo is an excellent tour guide”

Click on image above to Follow Flow