Work starts soon to improve angler access at Gilmour's Bridge

Access to a popular Goulburn River fishing site by Gilmour’s Bridge near Thornton is about to be improved.

Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA) River Health Officer Sue Kosch said local anglers had
approached her about the need to improve access to the area immediately next to the car park on the Thornton
side of the river.

“The anglers suggested that this very well used fishing site was in need of some attention,” Ms Kosch said.

“Thanks to Victorian Government funding we will carry out a program of weed control and revegetation and
replace the old stile with a more user-friendly design.”

A small number of basket willows that are collapsing into the river and preventing access to the river bank will
be removed and replaced with suitable native species.

Weed control is due to start before Christmas, with willow removal and revegetation starting mid 2016 after the
current irrigation and fishing seasons have closed.

Gilmour's Bridge