Opportunity to comment on draft Regional Catchment Strategy coming to a close

Wednesday 22 August, 2012


The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA) urges the catchment community not to miss out on commenting on the draft 2012-2018 Regional Catchment Strategy.


The Regional Catchment Strategy Manager, Helen Murdoch has been working hard to ensure this Regional Catchment Strategy is accessible to all.

"The full Goulburn Broken RCS draft will only be available to review and comment until 31 August 2012. During this time people can still view the Strategy draft online and/or they can download or request an electronic or printed copy from the Goulburn Broken CMA," describes Ms Murdoch, "We are also happy to provide a printed hard copy version to the public upon request for traditional review and comment"

"We aim to offer a variety of ways for members of the public to view and have their say on the future of natural resource management in the Goulburn Broken Catchment and we are very excited about using the technology available to enable the public to have a greater say" says Mr Norman.

For more information on the WeConnect site or to request a copy of the Regional catchment Strategy please contact the Goulburn Broken CMA on 03 5820 1100 or via email reception@gbcma.vic.gov.au


In a first for the Goulburn Broken Catchment, the Regional Catchment Strategy is now available for real time online comment using Wiki (web-based) technology.

The Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) sets the direction for managing land, water and biodiversity within the Catchment.

We aim to achieve long-term resilience of the Catchment’s natural assets so that they can continue to provide their abundant environmental, social and economic benefits.

"A critical part of our RCS renewal is communication and engagement. We are collaborating with our many partners and the community to write this RCS. We are interacting with new and existing networks and community groups, as well as general media. We have also been creating online opportunities" explains Goulburn Broken CMA CEO, Mr Chris Norman.

"Our WeConnect.gbcma.vic.gov.au website can be used to obtain RCS updates, access documents relevant to the RCS, comment on the RCS and in a first for the Goulburn Broken Catchment the public can register and comment on the actual RCS draft" says Mr Norman.