Mills stays at helm of CMA Board

Thursday 10 August, 2006
Stephen Mills was recently reappointed Chair of the  Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority Board for a further three year term.

Stephen Mills was recently reappointed Chair of the  Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority Board for a further three year term.

Mr Mills oversees an annual budget of more than $20 million in State and Federal funding.

The funds are used to deliver extensive environmental works in conjunction with landowners, Landcare, Goulburn-Murray Water and government agencies.

Fish ladders on the Broken Creek, grants for farmers to fence and protect bush along along the Broken, Boosey and Nine Mile Creeks and the restoration of Kinnairds wetland are some of the works funded by the GB CMA in the region in recent years.

Announcing the appointments Minister for Environment and Water John Thwaites said sustainable irrigation, water quality, river health, weeds and pest, salinity control and native vegetation management are just some of the ongoing challenges tackled by the GB CMA.

Mr Mills, said he was honoured to again have the opportunity to lead a team dedicated to protecting and improving natural resources within the catchment.

Other GB CMA Board appointees announced by the Minister were: Neville Barwick, Don Cummins, Lyn Gunter, Anne McCamish, Peter Fitzgerald, John Pettigrew, Yvonne Davies  and Nick Roberts. Brian Thompson and Kevin Ritchie represent DSE and DPI on the Board.

Mr Thwaites said the organisation provided an important link with local communities, bringing people together to work in partnership with local, state and federal governments to address important environmental issues.               

"The GB CMA administers substantial resources on behalf of State government and helps make sure that land and water use in each particular catchment is sustained for the benefit of future Victorians - it's a very important responsibility."

"We all know that a healthy environment provides the livelihoods and lifestyle that all Victorians expect and depend on."  

Mr Mills said the GB CMA will continue to focus investment in water use efficiency, salinity, water quality, river health, biodiversity and the perennial issues of pest plants and animals,"  Mr Mills said.

"We are also looking forward to our role as managers of environmental water reserves, a new responsibility for CMA's and ensuring the best outcomes for this region."

Mr Thwaites thanked the outgoing Board members for their contribution to the work of the CMA and its achievements to date.

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