Managing honeysuckle on the Yea River

Wednesday 5 February, 2020
Contractors will be out on the Yea River this month (February) completing honeysuckle weed control between the Yea Wetlands and Providence Bridge.
Goulburn Broken CMA River Health Officer Kirsten Roszak said honeysuckle weed control was part of the Hooray
for Yea Project funded through the Victorian Government.
“We started controlling honeysuckle in late 2013,” Ms Roszak said.
“Since then we have controlled more than 15ha a year along 4kms of the Yea River with great results. We have
seen a substantial reduction in the spread of honeysuckle and the return of native vegetation. We are now
urging land managers to continue to support these efforts by managing any re-emerging honeysuckle.”
Goulburn Broken CMA will also work with Murrindindi Shire Council to manage other weeds around the caravan
“By working together, we can stay on top of weeds and encourage native vegetation to return,” Ms Roszak said.
“We appreciate the community’s support and look forward to continued assistance in the ongoing management
of honeysuckle in this area and improvements in the health of the river and surrounds.”
The Hooray for Yea project aims to improve the Yea River’s health and support native fish populations,
particularly of threatened species such as the Macquarie Perch, through on-ground works and continuing
community involvement.
For more information please phone Kirsten Roszak on 5797 4400.