Linking Water Cultures - Local visit to China Water projects

Friday 25 November, 2011

A recent visit to China enabled Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA), Manager of River & Wetland Health, Wayne Tennant, to gain a valuable insight into water planning in China, both past and present.

Mr Tennant participated in a tour of China as part of the "Bridge of Water Culture" visit which comprised representatives from the Universities of Melbourne, Monash, Open University (UK) and Western Australia, together with the Murray Darling Basin Authority and CSIRO.

The visit aimed to strengthen the collaboration on water research and management between the two countries. In achieving this, the visit provided the opportunity to exchange the knowledge and experiences in water engineering, management, and research between Australia and China, to enhance the sustainability of rivers within the two countries.

Presentations and open discussion was held with members from the China-Australia Centre on Water Resources Research Group, Three Gorges Dam Project and the Shaanxi Normal University along with the Australian visitors through a series of separate presentations and workshops.

"It was amazing to visit the ancient and the new in Chinese Water Planning. From being at the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, visiting the world’s largest hydropower project completed in recent years to the Dujiangyan Irrigation Scheme on the Min River, which was built in 256 BC and is still being used today," explains Mr Tennant.

"It was very clear in discussions that both countries are concerned about water management. The key fears highlighted in discussion include water availability, water quality, increasing population and availability of food and water and a concern at the possible impacts on these with climate change" he continued.

Both countries have strong research capabilities to better understand and plan for the management of water resources. The purpose of the trip was to strengthen the collaboration on water research. There is potential to learn and share research and skills between the two countries, through a number of means.

The visitors also took the opportunity to view some of the better known sites, including the Ancient Citywall of Xi’an, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall of China and trip through the HuTong Village streets in Beijing.


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