King Parrot Creek Macquarie perch study underway

A study is underway in the King Parrot Creek to track the movement of Macquarie perch and identify breeding sites and potential barriers to fish migration.

Joanne Kearns, Scientist with the Arthur Rylah Institute, who are contracted by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to undertake the study, said 28 Macquarie perch were implanted with internal acoustic transmitters and external numbered tags in April 2014.

“A series of acoustic receivers, or data loggers, were placed within King Parrot Creek and the Goulburn River to allow fish movements to be remotely recorded during this period,” Ms Kearns said.

“This will allow scientists from the Arthur Rylah Institute to investigate fish movement throughout the creek and connectivity with the Goulburn River.

“The acoustic receivers were collected this week and we are now analysing the data to determine what these 28 fish got up to during the past year.”

Christine Glassford, River Health Officer with Goulburn Broken CMA said the results of this study would help the CMA make informed decisions on how to best protect and increase the population of Macquarie perch in the King Parrot Creek.

“It is anticipated that this information could assist in identifying breeding sites, locating potential barriers to fish migration within the creek, and also help us understand how much Macquarie perch move between King Parrot Creek and the Goulburn River.” Ms Glassford said.

Fish surveys within King Parrot Creek are also planned for April to continue the long-term monitoring of this important Macquarie perch population.

Anglers are encouraged to report captures of externally tagged fish before carefully releasing them.

Taking Macquarie perch from the King Parrot Creek or Goulburn River (or any tributaries) is prohibited.

Please contact Christine Glassford in the Yea Office of the Goulburn Broken CMA on 57 97 44 00 for more information.

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