Grants available for landholders along Hughes and Seven creeks

Friday 31 August, 2018
Increased financial support is available for landholders along Hughes Creek and Seven creeks to help control stream-side stock grazing.

The creeks contain important populations of nationally threatened Macquarie perch. Seven Creeks also contains a self-sustaining population of trout cod in a section between Polly McQuinn’s Reservoir and Galls Gap Road.

“We have increased financial incentives for fencing on these waterways to make it easier for landholders to do the work required to manage stream-side frontages on their properties to improve native fish habitat and water quality,” Goulburn Broken CMA Riparian and River Channel Manager Jim Castles said.

“We can also discuss options for an alternative water source for stock to make it easier for landholders on these waterways to manage their properties.  We understand that access to water for stock is important, and we are keen to discuss options with landholders to guarantee a reliable source of water. A secure water supply is particularly important as we face what is shaping up to be a dry year. It is also important that we work with landholders to protect these important native fish populations and give them every chance of surviving in these creeks.”

The Goulburn Broken CMA has been working with local landholders, community and fishing groups along the Seven and Hughes Creeks for many years to improve and protect stream-side and in-stream habitat for native fish.

“Hughes and Seven Creeks are unregulated streams and have both experienced low or no-flows in parts over recent years, which puts massive pressure on the native fish populations they contain.  We really need to increase work on these waterways to protect native fish and the support of adjoining landholders is absolutely critical in achieving this.”

The Seven Creeks and Hughes Creek are priority streams in the Goulburn Broken catchment and they are currently being targeted through the Victorian Government-funded Strathbogie Streams Flagship Waterways program. In-stream and stream-side (riparian) habitat improvement works are funded through the $222 million Water for Victoria initiative.

If you have a property adjoining the Seven Creeks or Hughes Creek, and you would like a no obligation visit from a Goulburn Broken CMA River Health Officer to discuss the management of these waterways, please call the Goulburn Broken CMA on 5822 7700.

More information is available here.