Expression of Interest - 2017 Farm Planning Courses

Agriculture Victoria staff are seeking expressions of interest from landholders to participate in whole farm planning courses.

Courses are held where a group of landholders can be formed in a specific geographic location or have similar property characteristics (such as size and primary land use).  We are seeking interest from landholders to assist with planning course type and location for 2017. 

Courses require a minimum number of participants to run. Courses usually include five sessions that are held during business hours.

There is a cost associated with participating in the course, which covers expenses such as course materials and aerial photos (this would not exceed $300).  Filling out this form does not commit you to attend a course, although it will be considered a genuine interest to attend. 

For more information contact Kylie Macreadie at Agriculture Victoria on (02) 60437 900 or email kylie.macraedie@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Download the Expression of Interest from here.